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Peter Vicinio started his winemaking hobby back in 1999. He first purchased an old, used, and rusted wine press he found in the Want Ad Press. Vicinio restored the press by first removing all of the original wood slats from the basket and replacing them with new, homemade oak slats. He then had the entire press completely sandblasted and repainted. He then purchased a used grape crusher and four 14-gallon glass demijohns.

The process of making wine includes choosing the grapes, crushing the grapes, pressing the must, racking the wine, and finally bottling the wine. For his first attempt, Peter Vicinio made two separate crushes. From the two crushes he created one batch of Red Zinfandel, one batch of Barbara, and a blend of Zinfandel and Barbara. He entered his first wines in the 1999 American Wine Society’s amateur winemaking competition and actually won a third place ribbon for his Red Zinfandel.

Peter Vicinio has continued to make a batch of wine every year since he started in 1999. He has also upgraded his equipment by purchasing a new, larger grape press and a new combination grape crusher-destemmer. Vicinio’s two young daughters also love to assist in the crushing and pressing of the grapes, so his hobby has now turned into an annual family event.

Peter Vicinio then began to enter his wines in the Corrado’s Annual Amateur Winemaking Competition, which is held every January and is one of the largest amateur winemaking competitions in New Jersey. He went on to win a bronze medal in 2007 for his 2005 vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel blend; a silver medal in 2008 for his 2006 vintage of Zinfandel; a finalist award in 2009 for his 2007 vintage of a Cabernet, Zinfandel, and Merlot blend; and a finalist award in 2010 for his 2008 vintage of a Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Sirah blend.

Peter Vicinio hopes this annual family winemaking event will continue for many years and possibly generations to come.

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